Protecting You

ForensiFile Protects You in Two Important Ways

ForensiFile’s proactive forensic technology protects your critical information. ForensiFile can be integrated into your existing cyber risk and fraud deterrent processes. Forensic Reporting and chain of custody are available at the click of a button.

Files may be added using a number of device types - even as part of an existing process or workflow.

For example, a software developer is required to provide compliance artifacts as part of a potential customer’s vendor assessment process. The software developer uses a number of tools to produce the security and compliance artifacts required by the potential customer. Under the status quo, the software developer produces the reports for the potential customer who has no way to verify that the artifacts are an actual representation of the developer’s security posture. In order to gain the business, the developer may have modified the results to pass the vendor assessment.

Using ForensiFile, however, the artifacts would have been securely captured and stored along with proactive forensic data by our patent-pending technologies, eliminating the opportunity to alter the actual results.

In the event there were ever a dispute or claim, the forensic analysis is available immediately at the click of a button. This circumvents hours and days of costly post forensic collection and analysis. All the information needed is quickly and readily accessible, thereby helping to avoid litigation and discovery costs.

ForensiFile can be a key component in your organization’s strategy to short circuit the Fraud Triangle and lock the door on fraud opportunity.

ForensiFile Can Help You Mitigate Fraud Risk

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