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Our Story

ForensiFile, LLC is a team of dedicated professionals working to develop, promote and sell robust, effective solutions to address the large and growing problem of document file fraud. By deploying our easy-to-use and efficient technologies, we look to give our customers valuable tools to short-circuit opportunities for fraud, curb the incentive to commit fraud and provide critical proactive forensics.

ForensiFile was founded in August, 2020. Our team brings more than 100 years of fraud, cyber-security, IT security compliance, technology and development expertise to the business. Indeed, the genesis of ForensiFile lies with the first-hand experience and successful deterrence efforts aimed at all kinds of fraud – and the recognition that there IS a better way for companies to protect themselves. The ForensiFile team brings broad expertise in information technology development and has a extensive experience working with early-stage software companies. In fact, each member of the team has helped to start successful software companies.

ForensiFile Can Help You Mitigate Fraud Risk

Contact us so today that we may learn more about your unique needs and arrange a demonstration of the ForensiFile solution. Our team stands ready to work with you and your organization.