Experience the power of our Patented Proactive Forensic Technology: Safeguarding against fraud while bolstering compliance and defending against Cyber threats.

Leveraging our patented proactive forensic technology to
dynamically protect your business.

Digital File Fraud

A problem that impacts Fortune 500 companies

Patented Proactive Forensic Solution

Capture Forensic Data Upfront

Cyber Risk Management And Fraud Deterrent

Deterring the increasing risk of fraud

The Fraud Triangle

Discover the motivation behind an individual’s decision to commit fraud

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Average number of fraud attempts for each major mortgage lender in 2020.
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Average percent of fraud attempts that resulted in fraud loss in 2020.
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Average cost paid by major mortgage lenders per each dollar of fraud in 2020.

Partnering to End File Fraud

With in depth experience in corporate security, IT security and technology, we’re working hard to drive innovative solutions that stop perpetrators cold.


As criminals become more sophisticated, your organization needs to proactively address vulnerability to file fraud.

The Problem

Digital File Fraud

Fraud is an all-too-common problem that impacts Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and consumers alike. Its cost runs into the $100s of Billions annually. While fraud takes many…

The Solution

ForensiFile’s proactive forensic technology captures all forensic data upfront and securely deposits your data into our secure trust where it resides alongside a living chain…


A proactive solution an eliminate the significant costs – In time and money – of post-fraud forensic data collection and analysis.

Patented Proactive Forensic Solution


The fraud triangle is used to explain the motivation behind a fraud. 

Deterring the increasing risk of fraud

Cyber Risk Management and Fraud Deterrent

The Fraud Triangle is a framework commonly used in auditing to explain the motivation behind an individual’s decision to commit fraud. The fraud triangle outlines…